New Creation

New Testament Greek // Kainos Ktisis -“Kai-oss Ka-ti-sis”

In 2019, I had one word for the year that I felt God had placed on my heart to remind me of who I am in him and the reminder of his forgiveness each and everyday of my life. Every couple of months this phrase would be brought to my mind. That phrase is new creation. In September of 2019 I decided to get this tattooed in Greek on my left arm to declare and remind myself of who I am in Christ each day despite my past, present and future mistakes. 

Kainos Ktisis now represents my declaration to myself and others of my relationship with Christ as well as my new life in him. 

The verse in which I meditated on and knew that God was calling me to proclaim as my phrase for 2019 was 2 Corinthians 5:17 which states: 

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

This verse discusses how Jesus changed us from the inside out, not that we are just forgiven but that we are also made new in Christ. It also doesn’t mean that we are made perfect or are going to be perfect but that we are changed and are continually being changed. This is something only God can do in and through us, not something we can gain or earn out of our own work or accomplishments because it has been accomplished on the cross.

“Living as a new creation is something God works in us, using our will and our choices. So, we must both receive the gift of being a new creation and be challenged to live the life of a new creation”.

Kainos Ktisis has significantly changed my perspective of how I forgive myself in areas of my life that I struggle with. Each day I need to remind myself of who has made me a new creation and that I will continue to be sanctified to Christ until the day of my passing. 

Stick around and check back in tomorrow as we hear from another intern about a greek word they found to be significant in their life and walk with Jesus.

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